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We were meant to be, supposed to be, but we lost it.

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November 11th, 2013

03:47 pm

Its November, oooooo November. 11th November.


wangziquan has enlisted on the 5th, and it has been 6 days since he has been in the army.


honestly speaking it wasn't easy for me to get back alone and accept the fact that he has finally enlisted. The first few days was...... meh. It used to be seeing him almost everyday after school/when I have the time.


Things will definitely change, time spent will be lesser. while he'll be focusing on army, I'll probably be focusing more on my studies/ plans after studies.


I really have no idea what will happen in the future....... right now I can't wait for his bookout so that I can see him again and his smell and his hug hahahaha. Just 11 more days. sigh.


now focusing on my studies before graduation. sigh life sucks...

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October 5th, 2013

11:06 pm
Wassup niggas!

October has finally arrived - a good and bad thing.

What's bad about it, you would ask. Bascially its time for school to start! Boo. But then again, this will be my last semester! Yipeeeeee.

What's good about it then? POL-ITE and wangziquan's birthday!
It's gonn' be my last competition before graduation and I hope to achieve my personal goals, even though I didn't address it to the team. I'm pretty proud of the team this year, a bunch of lively yet good players on court. May the better team win.

As for wangziquan's birthday, I shan't say more. Planned several stuff for him so.... I'll just keep hush! hehe.

Oh yes! I went to Krabi for a short getaway.

In short, I only went with wangziquan. Both of us on a foreign island touring around it's neighbouring islands and of course looking at their culture and their food! One word - awesome. Mainly because I'm travelling with wangziquan and this is the first time both of us are travelling alone together!

Anyway, shall talk a little more about my life currently.. mainly my MP, floorball, wangziquan and sleep. hahaha.

Ankle hurts now so I hope to recover asap!


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September 2nd, 2013

12:11 am
Hello, September!

Another month has passed so quickly and I can't wait to graduate, seriously. Every semester has been a torture and I can't even live in the moment for a semester for not having exams, especially when supplementary paper is removed. SIP was torturous. Shan't explain further.

Otherwise, holiday has been good so far - me enjoying life and growing fatter. Yes, you did not see it wrongly. I kinda grew fatter........ sigh. Told myself to start my exercise regime once internship ends but look how much I've gained. In addition to training-less days, sigh, shit just got worse.

Currently trying to cut off those extra fats and eating healthily because wangziquan is a living example- a successful one I guess? lol he exercises every week due to training/games or sometimes when he feel like it and also eating healthily. End result? Snipping off 4kg off his weight. I envy too.

Trying to tell myself because girls is generally harder to shed weights and also has lesser lean fats than guys......... but I believe I can do it!

Thank God trainings are resuming soon so I can fully exercise 3 times a week and eating clean! In no time I think I can go back to even during secondary school days. LOL.

Sigh touching my cheeks now and they are as huge as fishballs - and bouncy too.

Holidays is like - gary, sleep, nua, friends, sleep, school project, sleep, gary. hahahaha.

And finally after 1 year and 4 months, I got into a club again. I mean a clubbing club. Literally spent my night drinking and got taken care by wangziquan. (apparently he wasn't happy at my state on that night lol) sigh at least he was around, thankful enough. hehehe.

Probably one of the times I get to go club with him and did I mention it's a first? yeah first. hahaha. Great experience for him I guess?

So burdened by my MP now. Gonn' get some rest cause I clubbed till 4am the day before. Hardly gotten adequate rest hahahaha ciaos!  

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July 29th, 2013

10:17 pm
Finally back after being on hiatus for so long, due to internship.

Can finally take a breather after intensive days of work for 4 months straight. It was indeed not easy to undergo such torment and accumulation of tiredness for days, especially during the last week of internship, where the company disallowed the interns from taking off thus I had to work 10 days straight :(

But after going through this, I began to appreciate things and learn things through different ways. There are simply too many to say, but since I'm over and done with internship, I shall spend some time to make my post a little livelier :)

Some things that I have learnt through internship is to complete my to-do list before I end work each day, so I have to plan my time well. The old me has been living the life of an old woman, doing things slowly. However, to complete my to-do list, I have to rush myself and from there, I realised the accumulation of work and backlog to cover up is too much, in short, increase in workload and stress :( and from a visit to the sinseh, he told me that I have to let loose and be a happy person. Let loose my own thoughts and opinions and not keep them in a bottled up. I don't find it easy to trust someone to tell everyone what I have on mind least I get scolded like in the company LOL but having wangziquan by my side, it makes things a whole lot better. Like he will patiently wait till I'm ready to tell him whatever is on my mind.

I learn how to appreciate time even more. Simple things like reaching work on time / trying not be late, getting adequate sleep and of course, squeezing time out to meet wangziquan / finish my projects. It is pretty tiring to work everyday and having to run errands on my off days. I'm glad to have gained back my freedom and I can do whatever I want now without having anybody to be watching me / getting scolded all the time.

Thirdly, I also got to learn that it is important to work with someone reliable. Having to work with someone that is not reliable, its really taxing for my side and tiring. And also being blamed every time we did not remind that person. Sometimes, when we did what we were tasked to do, we were scolded for not going for the extra mile. We were only doing what is told and moreover, we are already doing things that we did not learn in school, so every day is a learning process. Worst still, I was told to "Google" to source my own solution. At that point of time, I really felt like giving up as there isn't much space for learning.

I always tell myself to look at the positive side of the attachment, set some goals and targets to accomplish. Well I did it, I managed to and I'm pretty proud of it because I'm doing something that is against myself. Something that I dislike. I know that for something that I dislike, the more I will not do it. I'm just doing for the sake of doing and to attain my grades and not being scolded anymore. For my own sake..........

Back on track, I also began to appreciate time-alone for myself. Things like going for training after work, which I really appreciate because I get to exercise and I get to socialise........... (yes because in the whole company sometimes it's only me) it's just that only after that I felt really exhausted and I don't wanna go back to work tomorrow hahaha

And yes, after going on for internship, my social life becomes -. No time for dinners (because I do OT almost everyday and got scolded), bus ride back home is approximately 1.5 hours, and I'm already tired by the time I end work. Its like my money increases but my time decreases. Money can't buy time, I rather have the time than the money. Realised how much time I've lost in my social world T.T

Lastly, of course my time spent with my wangziquan. Honestly I always don't call him by his name or any nickname, but every time I wanna call him or talk to him, he is just there to listen. He's there when I'm so angry and pissed at my company, there when I'm always skipping dinner due to work, and he's always free (idk why either) hahaha. I'm just glad he's there. Always there to spend time with me when he knows I don't really have much time for him during my attachment. Now that my attachment is over, I have more time for him before he enlists! Then again, time is priceless. I'm just thankful for him showering unconditional overwhelming love, care and concern whenever I'm down or when he know I'm not just right.

Well, I'm currently living my life by enjoying and resting as much as I can because this attachment made my complexion so bad and my body full of fatigue and tiredness. I believe that even though one should be contented with what you have, learn to aim higher and better. Thus from here, I learnt how to appreciate better jobs in the future LOL

At some time I felt that I'm being looked down upon in the company because I'm an undergrad for a diploma holder. They are looking for a minimum degree but I believe that a qualification does not prove everything, but just one - a higher pay for comfort living. I can't deny in this fast paced country, everything is money. Why can't Singaporeans be less kiasu and live the life like an Australian? I'd love to revisit that country once again, be it in a months' time or after graduation.

Anyway, for the past 2-3 days, it felt good to spend time fully with wangziquan by staying over at his place for 2 days straight! Felt so comforting to have someone who wants to spend 24 hours with you everyday and always by your side. Because my meal times were screwed up by attachment, I'm always hungry at 2am and this boy still woke up to feed me with food to make sure my gastric doesn't worsen. I really appreciate the things that he does for me, makes sure I get the best. Little things that he does, I'm contented and thankful enough. Sometimes he would tell me that he hasn't done this or something to anyone before and I'm the first, which makes me feel more special hahaha. Just like this morning, when the alarm rang 3 times and he woke up to have breakfast, came back to the room to tell me it's 9.51am and I have to get up for breakfast. The next thing I know is he pulling me and dragging me up from bed to make sure I get breakfast done hahahaha.

Back from digressing, all I'm left with is another 8- 9 months of school and I'm officially a diploma holder! I don't know what will the future holds, but as long as I work hard, I believe everything is possible. And for my boy, as long as it can last, I'm holding on.


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